Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm starving!

My battle with weight can be traced back to Kindergarten when my mother took me to the doctor who told me I couldn't eat sandwiches after school anymore.  Thus I was put on my first diet.

Now at the age of fourtysomething, I've dieted, thought about dieting, been on a diet, been off a diet, dieted again, for nearly every day since that point.

In the past 2 years, I've regained the 20lbs I lost after giving birth to my last child.  I thought after having him and successfully losing the proverbial postpartum weight, I had finally conquered the weight issue.  Weight Watchers points had been my friend, and a very successful tool. 

I was wrong.

I'm not sure where the turning point was (I don't think any dieter ever knows) but slowly I started eating the snacks that I had avoided and the second helpings that before I could pass by.  Then, the real collapse came when I got sucked into PTA and my stress level escalated and the only thing that "helped" was cake.  And lots of it. Like sheet cake portions.

I literally ate my way through last year as I planned, decorated, recruited, acquired, catered -- it overwhelmed me.  And since I don't drink, I turned to sugar.

And it didn't stop there -- now I am  PTA president and although I'm not planning high end events, I am still dealing with a stress level that is equal to the former.  But it all came to a head last week when I went to the doctor and gasped as I got on the scale.  Not that it was a surprise, I haven't been able to fit into any of my "real" clothes for a year.  But it was a shock nonetheless.  Finally, I hauled myself off to Weight Watchers last Friday because I new the overeating had to stop.

So, I started this blog to HELP me navigate my wagon on the return road to weight loss.  I hope here I can complain, vent, cry, succeed, and just plain chronicle my journey.

Tonight I just want to yell that I am absolutely starving!  I'm about ready to eat the computer screen!  I'm not really sure how many calories 23 points equals -- but I think it should be considered cruel and unusual punishment.  I really don't remember EVER being this hungry before. 

I'm hoping it gets better -- like my body is going through food withdrawls and it must adjust to the new normal.  Because if not, I think sheet cake would be a whole lot better than this.


Amused said...

I wish you a ton of luck in your endeavor (she says while munching on boring carrot sticks!).

Helen's Book Blog said...

I feel your pain. I am the same with weight creeping up on me when I am not paying attention. I did weight watchers and it worked really well for me. 5 years later I was still within 4 pounds of my goal weight (just don't ask about the 5 years in between!). It's now been another 3 years and I am, once again, working on getting off those pounds.

Good luck!

Mari said...

Good for you! Landing on your blog today and clicking through to this blog/post is good timing for me.

See... I'm on the other end of the scale and try so very hard everyday to make sure I eat enough. I'm a calorie counter... I wish I could stop this terrible habit!

You inspire me. I can't wait to read about your journey.