Thursday, November 25, 2010


Completely defeated by a turkey. 

 Tomorrow is another day.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Still struggling

I can't seem to get over the constant hunger hump.  From breakfast to lunch...I'm OK. But it seems that within an hour or so of eating lunch I'm hungry again...and it prolongs itself through dinner.  Just a constant gnawing in my stomach.  I'm miserable...and it's getting harder to withstand the emptiness.

I did make meat loaf and baked potatoes last night, thinking I needed a protein fix.  It helped...for a bit.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tempted by cake

It was my husband's birthday this weekend and he asked for this.

The whole time I was baking it (yes, from scratch!) I kept wondering A) how could I possibly make a cake and not eat it and B) feel like I've come to a point in my life that I can't even celebrate my husband's birthday with a piece of cake.

I made it through the previous week of donuts and Halloween candy without a partaking of a single piece, surely 1 sliver of chocolate cake wouldn't kill me? 

My dilemma is that with any sugar, it sets off some unknown chemical chain reaction that induces me to eat more and more of it.  I didn't want to start that domino affect. 

So do I eat it or don't I??

I did. A very appropriate sized piece.  And it was delicious.

Don't shoot me.

But here is the kicker:   I ate it, enjoyed it, and today, I haven't thought another thing about the 3/4 of it that remains.  The kids ate pieces after dinner and it didn't even tempt me (OK, maybe a little bit, only because my football team was losing and that is another way I use food -- to drown my sorrows). 

Not sure if that is monumental or not...but it's a step.

I still haven't weighed in...I go back to my WW meeting on Friday.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Still No Candy

View ImageIt's been two days since Halloween and I still haven't delved into the candy bags.  I stare longingly at my children as they pick and chose each precious piece that they are allowed to eat when they get home from school. It's torturous.

I've been on Weight Watchers 4 times in the past 12 years -- once after I got married and put on a ton of "what was I thinking" weight -- and three times after the births of each of my children.  After each of those commitments, I remember there being a hunger period, but I don't remember EVER being this hungry.  I'm not sure if it's my age, or the fact that I've overindulged for 2 years, or what exactly, but I'm finding myself licking the remnants of my plate because those tiny mosels are so dear to my hunger saturation. 

I still haven't weighed in -- so I'm not even sure this suffering is worth it.  If I don't see a change, my first stop is the kids' chocolate.